Monday, March 1, 2021

3/1 Bracket Update: THIS IS MARCH!

Welcome to March, the best month of the year! We're 2 weeks away from having a bracket and knowing who teams will face. In the meantime, we've got an update for you.

- Illinois overtakes Ohio St. as a 1 seed

- Villanova drops to a 3 seed

- Maryland up to a 9 seed

- Michigan State remains in the Last 4 In category

3/1 S-Curve Update

3/1 Full Bracket Update

Sunday, February 28, 2021

2/28 S-Curve Update

 Full bracket update coming after tonight's games!

-Lots of movement at the 4,5,6 line after yesterday's games.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

2/27 Bracket Update!

Quick update from Thursday and Friday's game before a huge day in college basketball! 

2/27 S-Curve Update

2/27 Full Bracket Update

Thursday, February 25, 2021

2/25 Bracket Update

 Welcome to Conference Tournament time! The next 2 weeks will be filled with automatic bids being earned, including bid stealers. Keep an eye out for the best games and watch the best teams to know how to pick in your March Madness brackets. 

Our update today comes after a night of wild action around the bubble. UNC, Xavier, and Seton Hall all lost last night, and have all dropped in our bracket. In addition, Virginia Tech has dropped after review of their resume, as well as Texas Tech. Both are good teams without the quality wins needed to justify where they were placed at. BYU makes a jump in the bracket today, and will need wins in its last 2 games to remain on the 7 seed line. Several teams creeping closer to the bubble, including Duke and Michigan State. Keep an eye on those blue bloods for the last 2 weeks of the season. Ending up with Indiana, Duke, Michigan St., and Indiana in the First Four would make for a legendary beginning to a tournament!

2/25 S-Curve Update including Bubble Teams

2/25 Full Bracket Update

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

2/24 S-Curve Update

New Bracket Tomorrow!

Seed #
11 Gonzaga2 Baylor3 Michigan4 Ohio State
28 Iowa7 Villanova6 Illinois5 Alabama
39 Houston10 West Virginia11 Virginia12 Florida St.
416 Kansas15 USC14 Texas13 Oklahoma
517 Tennessee18 Creighton19 Texas Tech20 Wisconsin
624 Arkansas23 Oklahoma St22 Purdue21 Virginia Tech
725 Missouri26 Clemson27 Rutgers28 Colorado
832 Loyola-Chicago31 San Diego St.30 BYU29 Florida
933 LSU34 Louisville35 UCLA36 Xavier
1040 Boise St.39 Seton Hall38 UNC37 Oregon
1141 Drake42 VCU43 Maryland44 Colorado St.
1250 Belmont49 Western Kentucky48 UConn47 Minnesota46 St. Bonaventure45 Indiana
1351 Winthrop52 Toledo53 Colgate54 Liberty
1458 Grand Canyon57 UCSB56 Abilene Christian55 UNCG
1559 Siena60 UMBC61 Wright State62 Eastern Washington
1666 Prairie View A&M65 South Dakota64 Texas St.63 James Madison
67 Wagner68 NC A&T

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

2/23 Bracket Update

 A quick update from yesterday's bracket. Reconsideration of Tennessee's overall resume has caused a drop to a 5th seed. USC's big win against Oregon boosts them back up into 4 seed territory. Texas Tech is now 4-8 in Q1 and Q2 and drops a full seed line nearly to a 6 after losing to Ok St, while Ok St jumps to a 6, but could be overtaken again by Arkansas. Duke, although not visualized, would claim a spot in the first 4 out with our projections, and could knock out one of the last 4 in with a win against Louisville come Saturday.

2/23 S-Curve Update

2/23 Bracket Update

Monday, February 22, 2021

2/22 Full Bracket Update

Daily updates will begin this week with conference tournaments beginning Thursday and continuing for the next 2.5 weeks (what an excellent time of the year!).
In today's latest projections:

    Trending up:

    - Florida State, LSU, San Diego State, Oregon, UNC, Maryland

    Trending down:

    - Virginia, Rutgers, Louisville, Indiana, Minnesota

(Official S-Curve as of games 2/21)

(Official Bracket Update as of games 2/21)

As always, visit for more info on where our bracket stacks up and where your favorite teams are seeded!